1. How often the device should be cleaned and what is the best way to do that?
Answer: After each application of the Samozdrav respiratory simulator it is necessary to wash all its parts with water. From time to time (once every 1-2 weeks), the respiratory simulator should be disinfected in a solution of baking soda or in some soapy water. More details can be found in the instruction manual.
3. Can people, who suffer from hypotension, use Samozdrav?
Answer: They can. As a result of training on the respiratory simulator "Samozdrav" the vasomotor center (the vasomotor center in the medulla oblongata) via chemoreceptors increases the CO2 level in the blood, and subsequently improves the cerebral circulation. This reaction involves the normalization of the lumen of peripheral (located in internal organs) resistive vessels and the correct regulation of the arterial pressure level. Within a few months the pressure is gradually normalized.
5. What period of validity does the breathing simulator have?
Answer: Samozdrav respiratory simulator is a medical device. Its operating life is 3 years. When this time has passed, the device must be replaced.
7. Is it necessary to stop training on Samozdrav if a person cannot stand even a few minutes of breathing exercises?
Answer: You should understand that breathing with Samozdrav device is an imitation of physical activity. An untrained body can’t withstand a great deal of stress immediately, so if a person experiences discomfort and a feeling of difficulty in breathing, then it is necessary to stop the activity at the moment and move to a more gradual increase in the load (add 1 minute every 2-3 days). Always in this case, you need rest before training, emotional calmness is important, you can take sedatives, such as valerian, corvalol, motherwort, etc.
9. If the CO2 level has reached the norm, is it necessary to continue breathing exercises? Can it happen that the level of carbon dioxide in the body will be too high?
Answer: The level of CO2 will never exceed the norm (6.0-6.5%), because our body has a compensatory mechanism that maintains the constancy of the internal environment. Therefore, at high rates of CO2, you do not need to stop breathing exercises.
11. Is it obligatory for "Samozdrav" complex to be individual or is it possible for several family members to use it?
Answer: It is desirable for this complex to be individual, but if this is not possible, then after each respiratory gymnastics it is necessary to wash all the details either in a solution of baking soda or by immersing it in a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide with 0.5% household detergent at a temperature 18-24’C for 30-minute.
13. Can I make breaks between the stages? What to do if there was a forced break?


If you were obliged to stop your exercises with "Samozdrav" simulator, then the course should be started depending on the term of the break:

  • a few days (a week) break: the exercises sould be continued from the regime where you have stopped;
  • break during a month or longer: the exercises sould be continued from the regime where you have stopped, but starting with 3 minutes;
  • break during more than 3 months: the whole course starts from the beginning (from the first stage).
15. What are the contraindications to the application of "Samozdrav"?
Answer: Contraindications to the use - chronic and infectious diseases in the stage of exacerbation and decompensation; - respiratory failure, accompanied by severe hypoxemia in combination with hypercapnia; - recurrent (repeated) pulmonary hemorrhages and hemoptysis; - period of severe hypertensive crisis; - in case of oncology, the period of the course of chemotherapy and three months later; - acute period of post-stroke, post-infarction (the first 3 months after a stroke or heart attack); - the period after abdominal operations (3 months). In the presence of chronic diseases, the simulator should not be used during the stage of exacerbation. In case of an exacerbation of a chronic disease, the necessary treatment should be carried out, then the exercises should be restarted. The restart of exercises during a break for more than 3 days should be carried out by decreasing the time of the exercises (for example, if you have missed the exercises for 14 days, you need to restart it with a load of 12-15 minutes less).
17. Is it allowed to breath 3 times per day?
Answer: At the 2nd and 3rd stages, it is recommended to perform three exercise sessions for people with significantly increased blood pressure (before breakfast, before or after dinner and before bedtime) and gradually increase the time up to 40 minutes. After reducing and stabilizing blood pressure, do two workouts in the morning and before bedtime for 30 minutes.
19. Will the outside air penetrate into the device glassduring breathing exercises? How is the gas mixture formed inside it?
Answer: There are holes in the glass cover. When inhaling, atmospheric air penetrates through them and is mixed with the exhaled air, which also partially seeps from the glass into the environment. Due to the holes, a mixture of air inside the glass is formed, where a certain concentration of CO2 is accumulated. Using the numbers on the glass, the size of the holes can be adjusted (the larger the number, the smaller the hole).
21. What to do after passing through all the stages?
Answer: After passing through all the stages, in order to maintain the accumulated carbon dioxide content in the arterial blood, you can continue breathing as follows: After the completion of the full course, you need to return to stage 2-3 (if desired), set figure 1 against the label of the glass. Breathe in such a manner 1 time in 1-2 days for 20-30 minutes (with a sedentary lifestyle). Or it is necessary to go through all the stages at an accelerated pace for 4-6 months (with an active lifestyle) once a year.
2. Why people experience tickling sensation in the throat and coughing after using the simulator?
Answer: When breathing through the device, condensed droplets of warm, moist exhaled air will accumulate inside it. Such an environment is most favorable for the propagation of harmful microorganisms, which can cause irritation of the respiratory tract, causing tickling sensation in the throat and coughing. Therefore, after each training, it is necessary to wash all parts of the capnicator, especially the glass and tubes. It is necessary to conduct disinfection in a solution of baking soda or a soap solution from time to time.
4. Can children use Samozdrav?
Answer: Samozdrav respiratory device can be used by all children from the age when it is possible to inform the child about the correct breathing technique (training should be conducted in a calm and relaxed manner without sudden inhalations and exhalations, in a stationary state). Training for children, who are less than 7 years old should be carried out under the adult supervision. More details on training techniques for children are described in the instruction manual.
6. What is the difference between a "standard" set and a "comfort" one?
Answer: The difference is only in the form of capacitors used as external chambers, and, therefore, in their assembly. In addition, the device of the "Comfort" option is supplemented with a special mask for breathing through the nose, which makes the use of the device as convenient as possible. The operating principle is the same. You choose the device based on your visual preferences.
8. What is the purpose of the digits on the lid of a glass and when should they be moved?
Answer: The digit on the lid of the glass indicates the air resistance and the composition of the gas mixture inside the apparatus. The number 1 shows the minimum level of load. Moving the mark to other digits is only permissible at the last stage, when water is poured into the glass of the breathing simulator. In the event that the stage with water involvement is excluded from training, it is possible to move the digits after passing through the third stage. The digits are moved every 15 days.
10. How often should I measure the intensity of breathing?
Answer: Diagnosis with a breathing intensity meter should be done approximately every two months for three days. The average of the three values should be selected in the table and then the date of the measurement should be recordedaginst.
12. Why does a feeling of dryness in the mouth occur during exercises with "Samozdrav" simulator?
Answer: At the beginning of the lesson, about a third of people experience a sanogenesis reaction - purification of the body, aimed at restoring the disturbed functions of the body. This may cause a feeling of dryness in the mouth. Usually this phenomenon lasts 1-2 weeks from the beginning of classes or from one stage to another. Do not stop exercises.
14. What "Samozdrav" simulator can help you to cope with?
Answer: In case of a shortage of carbon dioxide, the blood vessels contract, the blood supply to the organs is impaired, the blood pressure rises, the load on the heart increases, which causes the appearance and development of hypertension, ischemia (lack of blood supply) of the heart, stenocardia, arrhythmia, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, type 2 diabetes, gastric ulcer, gastritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, obesity, constipation.
16. Due to what will the healing effect arise when using the "Samozdrav" complex?
Answer: With the use of respiratory techniques, the body increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the arterial blood, which contributes to the expansion of the lumen of blood vessels and improved blood supply and oxygen supply of all organs and tissues.
18. How many minutes should the first exercises using "Samozdrav" simulator last for?
Answer: The start of breathing at each stage should be gradual, in order to adapt your body to a new concentration of CO2. The time of the first exercise at each stage is not the same for everyone, namely: • For people older than 70 years and younger, but taking regular medications, it is recommended that the time of the first training at each stage would be 3 minutes. Each subsequent day, add 1 minute (i.e. 4 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.) and so on until 30 minutes; • All the rest can begin to breathe with 10 minutes. Each subsequent day, add 1 minute (i.e., 11 minutes, 12 minutes, etc.). However, the most important thing is to monitor the comfort of exercises during exercise sessions with the "Samozdrav" simulator. If there is discomfort or a feeling of difficulty while breathing, then stop this activity and begin to increase the load more smoothly (do not add 1 minute every day, but every 2-3 days).
20. What gives the corrugated container during breathing exercises using "Samozdrav"?
Answer: Additional capacity increases the resistance of atmospheric air, which penetrates into the glass when inhaling. This increases the load on the body and increases the level of CO2 inside the container.