It is believed that for the Russians instruction – it is something superfluous and alien. We appeal to it only in extreme cases and very rarely read from cover to cover.

But sometimes a clear adherence to this “foreign” document – the key to the correct operation of not only the device, but also our entire body. For example, when using medicines, cosmetics or health products.

Instructions for the simulator “Samozdrav” – just one of those cases. And today we will turn it into a simple and understandable text for those who are just going to start classes.

The simulator has arrived. What to do?

Start by measuring the intensity, or scientifically minute volume, of breathing. It is carried out in the morning, on an empty stomach, before taking medications. This will help you to determine the level of CO2 in the body (about the benefits of carbon dioxide, we have already told) and find out how your condition is close to normal.

To measure, take a camera, a tube with a flexible compensator and a mouthpiece. Turn the camera so that there is no air left in it at all. Prepare a stopwatch or watch with a second hand, sit in a convenient place and position: at the table, sitting in a chair or on the couch.

Breathe in the measurement only through the mouth, so hold your nose with your fingers or a special device. You can also use cotton wool.

After all the preparations, turn on the stopwatch and start to inflate the camera. Breathe calmly, smoothly, without delays, do not open the tube from his lips. Measure until the camera looks like a pillow. After stop the timer and record the result. Remove the air from the chamber by pressing the special valve.

Such measurements should be carried out three days in a row. After that, the average result is recorded in a special table. Measurement is recommended every two to three months.


In the method of training there are three main points: the position of the body, the duration and frequency of training and breathing regime.

The position of the body during training on the breathing simulator should be as comfortable as possible so that you can breathe calmly and evenly. You can practice sitting at a table, in a chair or on a sofa, leaning back, reclining or even lying down (at all stages except the fourth, as at this stage the training of respiratory muscles begins).

The frequency and duration of training depends on the degree of load. Excises should be held daily. It is recommended to carry out two trainings a day, but in the first stages you can do it once.

The duration of classes varies from 3 to 30 minutes. You should start with minimum load 3 to 10 minutes and gradually increase this number to 30. After reaching the maximum value you need to do 1-1.5 months, and then move on to the next stage.

Mode of breathing cannot be violated. During training, you need to breathe only through the simulator. As with the measurement of the intensity of breathing, the nose is covered with a special clip. If you bought a complete set of “Comfort” with a special mask, then you can breathe with your mouth and nose, the main thing is that the mask fits tightly to the face.

The breath should be calm, smooth. The breath should not be deep, and the exhalation – rapid, a sharp. During training, you should not make an effort. If you feel the lack of air or you become uncomfortable, stop the excises .

This usually happens during the first training sessions or during the transition to the next stage. In such a situation, it is necessary to engage in a few days without increasing the load, and then return to the previous regime and increase the duration of excises.

Excises should be held either 30 minutes before meals or medications, or 2-3 hours after.


At the first stage of training, the simulator is assembled in a simplified version – without external tanks.  The lid of the glass (5) is inserted into the glass (4) so that the number 1 appears opposite the label on the lid. The tube (6) is connected to the ledge on the lid of the glass (4). On top of the tube is worn either a flexible compensator (7) and mouthpiece (8) or sleeve (9) and mask (10) (depending on the model).


To use the machine of this build you need 1-1.5 months. After that, external tanks will be added to the design of the simulator, and at the fourth stage, water will need to be added to the glass. But we will tell more about it in the following materials.

Additional recommendation

  1. Training should not be accompanied by tension.
  2. Do not conduct a session in a clearly irritated state.
  3. After drinking alcohol, you can train only the next day.
  4. If you consistently and correctly follow the rules set out in the instructions, then during the session you do not have to make physical or volitional efforts. It is not necessary to try to “speed up the process”, “get a tangible load”, as this leads to a sharp slowdown in the recovery process or its cessation, as well as to a deterioration in the achieved indicators.
  5. During training, if necessary, distract (sneezing, coughing, swallowing saliva and other) is allowed to interrupt breathing for 3-5 seconds, after which it is necessary to continue training in the same mode. If the break occurred for more than 5 seconds – you need to stop training.
  6. In the beginning of employment or when moving from stage to stage may appear the reaction of sanogenesis – the cleansing of the body. It is manifested by increased salivation or dry mouth, nasal discharge, lacrimation, frequent urination, possible loose stools or increased blood pressure.

These symptoms may occur within 1-2 weeks. Stop training in this case should not be.

If you follow the instructions clearly, do not be lazy and do exercises every day, then you are sure to achieve results. Don’t stop, work out on breathing machines and subscribe to our blog to learn more about your body.