“Samozdrav”: the Story

Today, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, Scientific Production Company “Samozdrav” LLC, has the top-selling breathing exerciser in Russia. Our friends, our club members and followers of our method count millions of people worldwide.
Nothing surprising about that. “Samozdrav” is instrumental in making the organism healthy and treating a variety of diseases; with it, the method is based on breathing, the natural function of any living organism. Buying the “Samozdrav” today, we want to be healthy and full of living force; we want easy breathing, calmness, harmony and beauty. Do you want to know how it all started?
The “Samozdrav” method relates closely with the name of the famous Russian scientist, fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Nikolay Alexandrovich Agadzhanyan. It was he who developed the technology of improving human reserve capabilities by means of pressure chambers in 1963. He was involved in the training of the first space regiments in the USSR.
In 1993, N.A. Agadzhanyan spearheaded a sensational medical research. The sensation was the fact that the reason of oxygen deficit, cardiovascular diseases, premature ageing and death of cells was hypocapnia, or deficit of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the body (in the arterial blood).
Hypocapnia causes vascular spasm, shortage of energy, contributes to many diseases and pathological states of the body. The study headed by N.A. Agadzhanyan showed that hypocapnia is a common condition and that the СО2 levels in the arterial blood may me twice below the norm in many formally healthy people.
The results were shocking and promising at the same time. On the one hand, the pathology seemed much too common. On the other hand, it provided an explanation to many diseases. What was most important, there was found the method of rehabilitation that became one of the most popular among breathing practices. This was how the “Samozdrav” method emerged that was based on the technique of pressure chamber rehabilitation.
In 1998, Nikolay Agadzhanyan met Yuri Mishustin. The breathing practice method found support from a true enthusiast, from a person who became the inspiration for the “Samozdrav”. Yuri Nikolaevich Mishustin became the person who made “Samozdrav” available for everyone, who made health possible even in if the conditions were complicated.

By the time of mass usage, the method had passed the required clinical trials. The “Samozdrav” now holds all respective quality certificates. The “Samozdrav” holds five invention patents and an ISO compliance certificate.
The method got worldwide acclaim and received golden medal awards in international exhibitions. Yuri Mishustin was awarded with diplomas of the 48th International Salon of Inventions, Scientific Research and Industrial Innovations Brussels Eureka 99, of the Paris International Invention Exhibition founded by the French Invention Association. The “Samozdrav” was awarded the golden medal of the First International Salon of Innovations and Investments in Moscow.
The rich history of “Samozdrav” was written by true scientists devoted to their cause who dedicated their lives to making people healthy by breathing. Many years of labor brought brilliant results and worldwide appreciation.
Today, Yuri Mishustin’s daughter Varvara carries on his work: for her, the “Samozdrav” became her lifetime project and the care for people’s health her devotion.