Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Pneumonia?

Many of us regretfully feel unwell. It’s not about being sick totally, but, let’s admit it, the condition of ‘you better ask what is not the matter with me’ had been there for almost all of us at some time in our lives. Feeling sleepy, fatigued, not wanting to think or to do anything above the absolutely necessary things due ‘feeling out of sorts’ are just some of the things that may become one’s companions for years to come. While the clinical picture may be quite favorable, the person still lives in weakness and risks of falling ill and recovering for a long time.

The first right step to make is to start thinking about one’s bad habits. Many of them are becoming true reasons for common diseases, for example, for pneumonia that has recently become a living nightmare and one of the major problems of humankind.
Smoking and drinking are not the only such habits. Many people get accustomed to sleep very little, to eat on the go, to walk only from room A to room B inside their own apartment, and start their morning with reading the news feed from their smartphone instead of doing their morning exercises – or just breathing gymnastics. This keeps happening despite the fact that we are reasonable people: fresh air, balanced diet, and sleeping without a phone in our hands keep being forgotten day after day. Ignoring the good things may become the major negative factor under the threat of pneumonia.
We keep writing that it is possible to nip the spreading of respiratory diseases in the bud just by changing some habits. Slow tempo and small steps in this important matter are better than nothing – and far better than fixation of bad patterns like having a coffee and a cigarette for breakfast and a TV soap for sleep.
The simple truth is that one will not get feeling better and stronger after watching films until three in the morning. The ‘coffee and cigarette’ duo will not become a healthy breakfast. A ham sandwich will not substitute morning exercises and siting in a stuffy room will not substitute breathing gymnastics. By cultivating our bad habits, we make sure our organism stays in the risk zone. Time and again.
But if we are so persistent and diligent in those quite bad things, let us try to change the tactics of managing quality of our lives and keep our best ‘competences’. Many people know that the best way to get rid of bad habits is to replace them with good ones. This is how we change the way we live. It doesn’t take a revolution or another game-changer to protect our body from diseases.
If one decides to protect themselves from pneumonia and become healthy people they need to understand what is happening at the moment. The list of obvious ‘things that go wrong’ includes smoking (passive smoking and use of nicotine products, too), lack of sleep on weekdays and overdose of sleep on weekends, nutritional value of food that is inadequate to the needs of the body (by the way, too much and too little calories are both bad), and lack of exercise. Then there are not too obvious things: lack of drinking water, underestimation of hydrotherapy, clothing out of season, lots of coffee and strong tea, lots of sweets whose quantity is beyond counting. It is highly likely that an average person will have this list of bad habits running to quite a length, and it will consist of little things. It is high time we got down to changing this dubious stability.
“Samozdrav” will help and its efficiency at that may surpass expectations. Smokers will be able to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke. “Samozdrav” normalizes the gas exchange in the body, and smokers are known to experience lack of oxygen in the blood and hypoxia. Weakness provokes them to stimulate themselves with extra cigarettes, but if they breathe with “Samozdrav” instead of lighting up the next one, they will find it easier to give up. Smokers with a psychological dependence will find quitting so much easier. It is worth trying: giving up smoking by doing exercises with “Samozdrav” has very good chances.

Breathing exercises normalize sleep and make it deep and healthy. You will wake up well rested and craving for a good breakfast. During the day, the charge of liveliness will keep you away from munching on sweets or getting stimulated with chocolate or coffee (and being bad on your hormones, too). You will appreciate the value of healthy blood circulation, your respiratory system will be working better and better, and you will just feel…healthy. Believe us: you will hardly want to become the former bleak shadow of yourself.
If you want to understand what your real health is, what you are capable of when you are invigorated and active, what the joy of a healthy body is, call us at “Samozdrav”. We know there is a way to the health, and that it is as real as many other achievements in our lives.